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Fleur de lis - With garnets Royalty 4cm diameter

The Fleur de lis symbol is associated with royalty. The Fleur de lis pendant with four garnet crystals will balance the body's energies and activate a powerful healing in the heart chakra. The garnets stimulate the Kundalini…

AUD$ 306.00


hg oil

Holy Grail Sacred Oil (6ml)

Price:AUD $45.00

Holy Grail Sacred Oil

The Holy Grail Oil is a complex blend of essential oils chosen for their metaphysical healing properties, which is then programmed by Alexis… More



Mother Mary Sacred Oil (15ml)

Price:AUD $55.00

The Mother Mary sacred oil is a special blend of essential Rose oils. Rose has long been a symbol of love and purity and highly regarded for its gentle medicinal qualities. It is considered by some… More


mm oil

Mary Magdalene Sacred Oil (15ml)

Price:AUD $55.00

Mary Magdalene Sacred Oil

The Mary Magdalene Sacred oil is a special blend of essential Jasmine oils, a powerful fragrance with a sweet and intoxicating richness.   … More