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The Clear Quartz Crystal Cross Pendant - The Christ Ray - Divine Healing 7cm x 4cm

These Crystal Cross pendents weaves in the earth and cosmic crystal matrix to heal genetic DNA weakness, create the light body. When one wears these crystal pendents they are creating a continual Transference healing and…

AUD$ 197.00


hg oil

Holy Grail Sacred Oil (6ml)


Holy Grail Sacred Oil

The Holy Grail Oil is a complex blend of essential oils chosen for their metaphysical healing properties, which is then programmed by Alexis… More



Mother Mary Sacred Oil (15ml)

Price:AUD $55.00

The Mother Mary sacred oil is a special blend of essential Rose oils. Rose has long been a symbol of love and purity and highly regarded for its gentle medicinal qualities. It is considered by some… More


mm oil

Mary Magdalene Sacred Oil (15ml)

Price:AUD $55.00

Mary Magdalene Sacred Oil

The Mary Magdalene Sacred oil is a special blend of essential Jasmine oils, a powerful fragrance with a sweet and intoxicating richness.   … More