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Mary Magdalene Purification Mist

Mary Magdalene Purification Mist

The Mary Magdalene Purification Mist creates an energetic connection to the vibration of Mary Magdalene. It supports you to receive a divine connection to her presence, enhancing awakening and spiritual empowerment. This purification mist has aromatic…


This Channelling contains information on specific symbols frequently utilised in Transference Healing. Each symbol emanates unique ‘geometric’ sound waves that support the necessary changes within the 'etheric' to obtain an energetic healing, spiritual growth, empowerment and transformation process within the body and consciousness. Reading this channelling you will learn about the properties each symbol resonates and filters through as you work with it. This information has been sourced from the Glossary chapter of Animal Magic Ascension and Card Deck by Alexis Cartwright.

Each symbol emanates unique ‘geometric’ sound waves. They support the necessary changes within the etheric to obtain an energetic healing, spiritual growth, empowerment and transformation process within the body and consciousness. Below is a description of the properties each of these symbols resonate and filter through as you work with the different cards within the Transference Healing® Animal Magic deck.


Spiral Alchemy Symbol

The Spiral Alchemy Symbol is an alchemical symbol representing the eternal ‘filtering and weaving’ of Pranic properties into the body from the infinite Universe, to provide a continual self-rejuvenation and healing process within the body and consciousness. In ancient Ireland it was also seen to represent the serpent and kundalini, as well as being a symbol associated with ‘death and rebirth’. <Top>

Ankh Symbol

The Ankh is a symbolic representation of both ‘physical and eternal’ life. It is a symbol of the pre-Christian cross, which originated in Ancient Egypt. It incorporates the symbol of Venus so also connects us to the principles, properties and powers of the Goddess. <Top>

Celtic Cross Symbol

The different ‘weaving’ designs of Celtic Crosses symbolise the ‘weaving’ of the elements and the properties of the Sun and Moon into the body and consciousness, enabling us to obtain health, virtue, serenity and security. They also represent the weaving of elemental powers within the ancient Celtic traditions, with the saintly attributes of the new Christian faith. The labyrinthine pattern signifies a harmony between our self and the Universe at large.

In ancient times, the cross and its patterning were also known to represent an intersection; a place of magical meeting. Celtic shamans wore them as amulets to not only support their journey into the secret worlds of the Elemental Kingdom, but to protect them while they travelled between both the physical and spiritual planes. <Top>

Divine Love Symbol

The Divine Love Symbol in Transference Healing® creates the conception of love, passion and desire. It also creates feelings of forgiveness and compassion. It opens the heart and ignites creativity. <Top>

Dragon Power Symbol

Channelled by Alexis: This is a symbol of ‘empowerment’ in Transference Healing®. It revitalises the power centre to enable the body to energetically re-nourish and heal. It also protects us against direct psychic attack and counteracts negative feelings or projections against us.

It supports us to overcome the limitations of the ego and connect to ‘Divine Will’. It is the lost symbol or key to the Elemental Kingdoms of the Dragon. <Top>

Om Symbol

The Om Symbol is known in Transference Healing® as the sound Gaia makes from the very core of her womb. It is the frequency of sound that resonates from the crystallised core of the Earth. This sound frequency resonates such a pure and high vibrational pitch, it can only be heard on a clairaudient level. It heals and balances the electromagnetic field of the heart chakra.

The Om vibration connects us to our heart and inner-self; it supports the healing of the heart, and from there, orchestrates an energetic healing response throughout the whole physical and emotional body. <Top>

Primal Matter Symbol

The Primal Matter Symbol in Transference Healing® helps us anchor and ground to the Earth. It helps us energetically absorb the vital nutrients, the primal properties or resources, from the Earth, to enable our body to recuperate and come further into a state of wellness. It ignites the power of self-transformation and supports us to master the power of manifestation to create new foundations within and around us. <Top>

Master Christ 'Seven Star' Symbol

Channelled by Alexis: This symbol connects us to the Transference Healing® ‘Master Christ Template’ and all of its ascension powers. We begin to access the inter-dimensional energies to ascend into the seventh dimension. It encodes higher Mystery School knowledge and creates an initiation process into self-mastery. It also attunes us to the frequency and consciousness of the Celestial Christ and Lord Melchizedek. <Top>

Eye of Horus Symbol

The Eye of Horus Symbol, Ancient Egyptian symbol of the ‘All-Seeing Eye’, creates clarity, intuition and knowledge. It supports our connection to the Higher Self, opens the third eye and develops clairvoyant abilities. It enables us to see beyond the void, thereby seeing the light in all circumstances. It supports us to access and channel universal information more effectively, answer personal and universal concerns, dispel fear and see into the spiritual realms or dimensions. <Top>

Fleur de Lis Symbol

The Fleur-de-lis Symbol is associated with royalty. It activates a powerful healing in the heart chakra and opens a deeper chamber of the heart chakra, so that one can refine their emotional body, master compassion and create a more evolved state of consciousness. <Top>

Purification Symbol

The Purification Symbol in Transference Healing® is a symbol that dissolves and removes impurities from the physical and emotional body, therefore creating a profound cleansing effect in both the body and consciousness. It is a symbol of purification in not only a physical sense, but also a spiritual one. It encourages us to tap deeper into the well of inner emotions and enhances intuition. <Top>

Transference Symbol

The Transference Healing® Symbol is the symbol of the ‘Transference Point’ and creates an energetic ‘death and rebirth’. It supports us to detoxify and break down old energies and outdated patterning in the body and consciousness. There is usually a feeling of separation in conjunction with a fear of change or death when this symbol is needed. It supports us to release the fears associated with grief-related emotions and thereby initiates a soul rebirth.

Without death, decay or change there cannot be a rebirth. The essence of this symbol is that it creates the power of transformation and change. <Top>

Thermal Cycle Symbol

The Thermal Cycle Symbol in Transference Healing® connects us to the changing elements and seasons of Nature and the Earth. It supports a gentle, biochemical, heating and cooling process throughout the physical body, so the body and consciousness can respond to Nature in a healthy way. It specifically supports the healing and function of the glandular system. <Top>

Transference 'Triangular Star Diamond' Symbol

Channelled by Alexis: Connects us to the Transference Healing® ‘Triangular Star Diamond Template’. It is a Sirian priestess symbol that supports the manifestation of the Merkabah so we can experience alternate or parallel realities. It also supports the anchoring and opening of ‘Diamond Consciousness’ to enable us to connect and integrate more effectively with the crystals and their kingdoms. <Top>

Transference 'Triangular Star' Symbol

Channelled by Alexis: Connects us to the Transference Healing® ‘Triangular Star Template’. It is an Angelic symbol, specifically channelled to anchor ‘Arcturian & Sirian’ frequencies. It filters triangular spectrums of light, specifically to support the anchoring, manifestation and perfection of the lightbody. <Top>

Transference 'Earth and Cosmic' Triangular Star Diamond Sybmol

Channelled by Alexis: Connects us to the Transference Healing® ‘Earth and Cosmic Triangular Star Diamond Template’. It is an Orion symbol that connects us to Gaia and her Crystal Kingdoms. It also supports us to connect to the Mythical Kingdom and Elemental Kingdom of the fairies and nature spirits mentioned in the Animal Magic deck. It is an Arcturian symbol that supports the opening of the third and fourth eye, thereby taking us into the mysteries and giving us the spiritual resources to understand nature’s laws and wisdom. <Top>

Ogham Script Symbols

The Ogham Script is the alphabet of the language of the ancient Celtic tribes. The 20 main letters symbolise 20 trees sacred to the Druids. When connecting to these ‘symbols of sound’ we are connecting to the inner nature of the trees and also the inner realms of the Earth, thereby enhancing our ability to channel the magical healing properties of the trees and the Earth. We are also supporting the awakening of our third eye and a deeper level of our psychic abilities, thereby enhancing our ability to master the prophetic powers of the Goddess. <Top>

Ying Yang Symbol

The Ying Yang Symbol of the Taoists merges the Masculine and Feminine Principles into the Principle of Unity, a state of perfect balance that governs the Universe. This principle balances all dimensions of the body to sustain balance within the emotional and mental plane. It also gives us the inner strength and wisdom not to be drawn into the dark side of nature, enabling us to sustain the light at all times and therefore purify the ego. <Top>

Caduceus Symbol

The Caduceus Symbol of health represents the medicine taught to Asklepius, son of Apollo and Coronis, by the immortal centaur, Chiron. This medicine enabled Asklepius to create many miraculous cures. His daughter Hygieia became the Goddess of Health. The caduceus was later carried by Hermes/Mercury, winged messenger of the gods.

In Transference Healing® this symbol represents the energy of the kundalini moving up the central channel of the spine. The two snakes also symbolise the polarity pull of the negative - (feminine and silver properties) and positive (masculine and gold properties). These forces and properties are incorporated within the electromagnetic field that infiltrates the sub-atomic particles of the body. They create consistent, subtle cellular rejuvenation to enable the body to continue to revitalise and heal itself of dis-ease. <Top>

Pentagram Symbol

The Pentagram Symbol is the five-pointed star symbolising the passage of the planet Venus as it orbits the sky. Venus was fundamental to the ancient Celtic people of Ireland who associated it with love, sex and reproduction. For Pythagoras, the pentagram was a sign of health.

The pentagram enhances our ability to gain power over the elements. It allows us to ‘tap into’ and master the manifestation power of crystals and the elements within Nature itself. It therefore supports us to direct the elements to enhance a healing process within the body. It awakens psychic abilities and connects us to the dimensions and realms within the Earth and its Elemental Kingdoms. It empowers our ability to transform and manifest; it fulfils our wishes. <Top>

Five Platonic Solids Symbols

The Five Platonic Solids Symbols represent the geometry of the platonic solids, which are perfectly regular solids with the following conditions: all sides are equal, all angles are the same and all faces are identical. In each corner the same numbers of surfaces collide; the point of intersection between each surface fits into the surface of a sphere. Only five Platonic Solids exist: they include the tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron. They are the building blocks of the Universe. They not only create the etheric webbing or underlying energetic structure of all matter that sustains the physical body, but also create the necessary geometry or coding through which the lightbody comes into manifestation. <Top>

Chalice Symbol

The Chalice Symbol of immortality in Transference Healing® is the symbol of a sacred point in the heart chakra called the ‘Holy Grail Point’. It is hidden between the first and second chambers of the heart chakra. This point helps filter Sirian frequencies into the body to support the clearing and healing of past life weaknesses or ‘core’, genetic or DNA weaknesses from the etheric/physical body. It also supports the crystallisation of the etheric body so the lightbody can anchor through and evolve more easily. This point not only works with the healing and ascension process of the physical body, but also enhances the opening of the second chamber of the heart chakra, thereby enabling us to heal and then evolve more in the emotional body. <Top>

Crystal Cross Symbol

Channelled by Alexis: The Crystal Cross Symbol connects us to the Transference Healing® ‘Crystal Cross Template’. It filters the new magnetic and electromagnetic crystal matrix into the physical body and is a powerful instrument for healing. It weaves the crystal properties of nature into the body, so it can begin to heal itself and also shift into a higher frequency. It resonates the emerald ‘Chalice’ or ‘Holy Grail’ properties. <Top>

Algiz Rune Symbol

This rune is a symbol of protection or defence; a guardian or shield warding off evil. It is also known to represent peace, friendship and communication between the upper world, Earth, and the lower world. It is also a symbol of awakening, guidance and that of following instincts. It gives direction and supports us to ‘see the way’. This charm helps prevent us from getting lost. <Top>

Philosophic Mercury Silver - Moon Symbol

This is a symbol of the Feminine Principle and the Moon. It helps us connect to and integrate the healing and awakening powers of the Moon. It also enhances the opening of the throat chakra, communication skills, intuition and psychic sensory perception. This symbol also resonates the power of beauty and grace. <Top>

Sothis Symbol

The symbol of the ‘five pointed star’ inside the ‘Eye of Horus’ is a symbol of the Egyptian Goddess Sothis and a personification of the ‘Dog Star’ Sirius. This star was the most important of the stars to the Ancient Egyptians, and the heliacal rising of this star came at the time of the start of the Egyptian New Year, which marked the time of the Summer Solstice. As a goddess of the inundation, Sothis was a goddess of fertility. She was also linked to the pharaoh and his journey in the afterlife.
Sothis, and her husband, the God Sah, came to be viewed as manifestations of Isis and Osiris. <Top>

Venus Symbol

This symbol represents the planet Venus which resonates to Earth, a feminine and nurturing energy. It appears as the Evening Star, influences tender and gentle emotions and enhances the feelings of love. It surrounds you with beauty, enhances creativity and passion as well as being an energetic force that nourishes our growth and healing process. <Top>