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In this channelling Alexis is aiming to explain the critical Earth and human transition we are currently experiencing, taking you on an amazing journey traversing, prophecy, science, astrological events, ascension and the human body. This information has been sourced from throughout Beyond Doorways by Alexis Cartwright - for more detailed information go to this source.

The Time of Transition 1999-2012

Right NOW we are experiencing a “shift of the Ages”, as was foreseen by the ancients, we are indeed in the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and the Earth and humanity are experiencing a vital transference shift from a third to a fifth dimensional frequency. This shift was and has been referred to as the ‘Time of no Time’. We are currently in the transition period of the fourth dimension which creates the illusion of being stuck in a time warp as Earth goes through a rapid shift in time and space. Throughout this transition our planet and humanity will continue to experience radical changes within their frequency, corresponding alchemical makeup and consciousness. We will enter the fifth dimension in 2013. At which time the world that we know will continue to go through radical changes so we can live in this new dimension already beginning to manifest within our reality. We are entering into a whole new way of being.

At this time of rapid Earth and human evolution, humanity is opening to and embracing the empowering and transformational energies of Transference Healing®, a modality that has come through to support our ascension into the new fifth dimensional world.

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What is Ascension?

Ascension is the process that everything in existence goes through to evolve. We filter and integrate the elements from the Earth and Cosmos, ethericly and energetically, into the body via the chakras so the body and consciousness can continue to function and heal itself to sustain a life force within this dimension on Earth. As we successively incarnate on Earth we continue to evolve in body and consciousness, just as the Earth continues to change and evolve through time. This is the process of ascension.

However, periodically on Earth, the energetic nature of all elements within the Universe go through radical vibrational and frequency shifts, because of divinely orchestrated astrological events. At these times of evolution a ‘12 year transition’ occurs to create a ‘Doorway’ opportunity for the energetic consciousness of Earth itself to make a rapid shift in its own ascension process. At these times, rapid cleansing and rejuvenation occurs on the planet because of the intense energies activated within the Universe. These ‘times of transition’ are vital stages of ascension for Earth and humanity.

At ‘times of transition’, large Earth and cosmic shifts or events occur because of the energetic changes occurring within the Universe to support the ascension process; they can include intense stellar gateway activity and astrological alignments through to natural catastrophes. At such times in the past, there have been rapid extinctions of animal species and the completion of civilisations because of the intense Earth and weather changes. However, on a parallel level, those surviving the Earth changes were enforced and energetically supported to ascend by making a rapid evolutionary step in their body and consciousness.

We are presently experiencing a vital ‘time of transition’. From 1999-2012; we are all ascending from the third into the fifth dimension (although this may sound like something out of science fiction, what we are actually talking about is a change in our frequency and consciousness). It is through the whole ascension process that Earth systematically evolves to create the changes within the elements and matter itself so the human body can alchemically perfect and crystallise itself.

So the human body is ascending into a higher state of being because of the shifts and changes the Earth creates in its own ascension process. It is through the changing elements within the Cosmos, that the Earth can evolve into higher levels of existence and as we reincarnate we are given a wonderful opportunity to experience different realities and thereby ascend each time into higher levels of consciousness and being. Therefore ascension is a state of evolution.

What information and evidence supports the position that we are currently in a vital ' time of transition ' ?

Since the time of Atlantis specific prophets of supreme scientific and spiritual intellect, have been attempting to discuss and educate us on the many dimensions of the etheric/physical body. Some have understood how to utilise the natural technology and universal resources available to us from within the universe, to support a natural self-healing and ascension process.

The ancients had an advance level understanding of the rotation of the planets and astrological events that occur within our solar system. Sacred texts were written prophesising certain times when radical Earth movements and cosmic events were to come about, because of celestial forces occurring within our universe. Cosmic events create magnetic grid shifts and electromagnetic changes within the Earth, enabling the Earth, human body and consciousness to go through rotational steps and evolve into higher levels of consciousness and reality.

I believe our shift into the new world began with the ‘Grand Cross’ astrological alignment on the 11 August 1999, this was the principal turning point for our shift into the new millennium, Age of Aquarius and next dimension.

I further believe that we have now left the third dimension where we have existed since the fall of Atlantis around 12,000 BC and that from 1999-2012 we will be suspended within the brief transition of the fourth dimension ‘the time of no time’. In 2013 we will enter the fifth dimension where we will exist from the next 1,000 years. The fifth dimension will allow more freedom and less restriction on all levels.

I am no longer alone in my belief that we are in fact currently undergoing a transition to the fifth dimension. The spiritual community on a global scale is now also in unified agreement, while science and spirituality are uniting and providing evidence to demonstrate and measure the realities and changes of which we speak. For those who are conscious of this transition it is hard to miss the constant signs of its existence, it is indeed a most exciting time to be incarnated on Earth.

There has been much discussion on the exact timing of the Earth's shift into the next dimension and the Age of Aquarius. It is very interesting to look in some detail at the cycles, prophecy, astrological events and facts currently available to assist in determining at what point we have moved/will move into the new world.

Cycles - The Age of Aquarius

A procession is an Earth cycle whereby the Earth moves slowly backwards through the entire Zodiac. It takes approximately 25,000 to 26,000 years for the Earth to move back through the entire Zodiac. Our solar system takes about 2,100 years to pass through each one of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. After the 2,100 years we move out of one Age and into another.

The ‘processional world Ages’ are a phenomenon that have defined the course of history and have also given rise to much speculation about the ‘new Millennium’ and the fundamental changes it will bring about for all of humanity.

We are currently shifting out of the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, even though we acknowledge the complete astronomical processional cycle is known to be around 25,725 years long, the exact beginning and ending of the constellation of each Age is unclear. Therefore, the exact date for the ‘dawning’ of the Age of Aquarius has been the subject of intense speculation and debate. As previously stated there is now a growing consensus that the process of transition into the new Age has commenced. This belief has long been supported by the Mayan Calendars.

The Mayan Calendars hold a vital key to the concept of ‘galactic timing’ for the evolution of consciousness. They are based on the universal mathematics of the fourth dimension and believe that once we move into fourth dimensional awareness we will enter a new path of spiritual and mental evolution in tune with the cycles of the Universe – we are now in this prophesied ‘time of no time.’ The end of their current Great Cycle and the calendar itself is 2012 which also corresponds with the change-over of the current processional cycle.


The ‘Book of Revelations’ is the last testament of the Bible, and is the most mystical. It is presented by St John the Divine and predicts changes and catastrophes for the Earth around the change of Millennium during the transition to the New Golden Age and it is considered a great work of both Pagan and Christian inspiration.

I personally have seen that John was actually foretelling a time of bodily transformation on a global scale, created by the energetic return and awakening of the Christbody and Consciousness onto the planet. Further, I have seen that hidden within this esoteric book is the key to understanding the energetic makeup of the body; its integration with the planet; the causes and effects on our health and the outcome for the Earth, through and after this time of transition from 1999-2012. The ‘Book of Revelations’ also contains the esoteric knowledge of an ancient form of healing and energetic technology that Christ mastered when incarnated on Earth.

Similar prophecies and predictions of worldwide catastrophe have existed among the people of all continents including the Sumerians, Babylonians, Persians, Egyptians, Hebrews, Hindus, Scandinavians, Greeks, native North and South Americans, Eskimos and the Fiji Islanders.

The Hopi Indians for example, believe that at the time of the New Millennium the world will pass into the ‘Fifth World’ of the Native Americans. Nostradamus - the 16th Century French Astrologer and more recently, Edgar Cayce - the 20th Century American seer, known as the ‘Sleeping Prophet,’ also foresaw and prophesied that the Earth’s polar axis would ‘turn in the winter of 1998’.

Astrological Events

In chapter 4 of ‘Beyond Doorways’ I refer in detail to the prophesised crystal, Earth, cosmic and interdimensional changes and events occurring between 1999-2012 within our planet, body, consciousness and reality which signify the beginning of the fourth dimension. Below the astrological chart is a summary of the key astrological events supporting our transition and the way in which they are impacting us.


I believe that the ‘Grand Cross’ astrological alignment on 11 August 1999 signified the ‘Second Coming of Christ’ and the rebirth of humanity’s physical body and consciousness into the next dimension. I therefore propose that this alignment signifies the official turning point into the Age of Aquarius and the beginning of our shift into the fourth and parallel fifth dimension.

This Grand Cross aspect was in the fixed signs of the Zodiac – Leo, Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio. It was also associated with the last total solar eclipse (Sun/Moon conjunction) for the 20th Century ‘heralding new beginnings being brought about by radical changes’.

This Grand Cross marked the beginning of the energetic activation of the ‘resurrection’ of the whole of humanity to take the next vital step in their physical/spiritual evolution. The four fixed signs of the Zodiac – Aquarius the angel, Leo the lion, Taurus the bull and Scorpio the eagle - activated by the Grand Cross, are associated with the ‘Four Beasts of the Apocalypse’ - the sign of the ‘end of time’ prophesised in the’ Book of Revelations’. They are also the four symbols at the four corners of the Wheel of Fortune card in the ‘Rider Waite Tarot’. The archetypes of these four zodiacal points are impacting the body and consciousness on a global level. They are activating a global healing shift within specific dimensions of the etheric/physical body so the body can ascend into higher consciousness. The specific details of the impact the energies of this alignment are having on the etheric/physical body of humanity is discussed in detail in Beyond Doorways pages 160-169.

This alignment also began a nine month gestation period leading up to the ‘Grand Square’ astrological alignment on the 5th May 2000, when the ‘Earth’ along with humanity began a process of being templated and reborn into a new evolutionary process, this alignment signified the ‘rebirth’ of planet Earth into the next dimension.


The Grand Square is energetically working with the Grand Cross to create the time of transition from 1999-2012. It frames and sustains the template of the Grand Cross-within our third dimension. It is as if the Grand Square is energetically creating a temporary reality shift into fourth dimensional space/time that will be sustained until 2012 - a period of only 12 years. This will allow the astrological energies of the Grand Cross to create the necessary healing and physical ascension process for the Earth to shift all matter into a higher frequency.

The Star of David Activation on 8 November 2003 was identified by astrologer John Mirehiel who named it the Harmonic Concordance. It is just as significant as the astrological activations of the Grand Cross and Grand Square, and will work with them energetically until 2012.

The Star of David formation resonated an energetic template to create radical changes specifically within our DNA, so the New Anatomy or Adam Kadmon body could begin to materialise itself more within the etheric/physical body. As we physically embody the New Anatomy we begin to create the lightbody and ultimately the Christbody - which will take most of humanity 1,000 years to perfect.

The Star of David began a more conclusive re-programming and filtering of ‘cosmic codes’ into the DNA so the androgynous lightbody could begin to complete its resurrection process over the upcoming years.

The two interlocking triangles of the Star of David symbolise and energetically create the union of the masculine and feminine within, so that Heaven and Earth can unite. Symbolically, this means the spiritual/galactic aspects of the Higher Self can anchor through and materialise within the physical body and consciousness of the Lower Self on Earth. This union begins the Divine process of ascension.

Just as the Grand Cross activation is energetically supported by the Grand Square over a 12 year period, the Star of David activation is energetically supported by the eight year period between the pair of Venus Transits /Sun eclipses of 8 June 2004 and 6 June 2012.

The Venus Transit, 8 June 2004 symbolises and energetically anchors more of the Feminine Principle into the body and consciousness. This will bring through more of the intuitive and spiritual aspects of the self to reinforce an inner balancing process of the Feminine and Masculine Principle. This will in turn support the androgynous lightbody to anchor into the etheric/physical body. After its embodiment we will begin to crystallise the lightbody so we can physically sustain a ‘higher frequency and a more pure crystallised formation of elements within our physical body’.

Scientific Evidence that we are in a Time of Transition

Scientific evidence of the Earth's electromagnetic shift and ascension into the fifth dimension is quite significant nowadays and includes; the north and south poles of the Sun disappearing transforming it into a homogenous field, dramatic increases in the numbers of M & X Class solar flares and resultant magnetic tidal waves hitting the Earth, the rediscovery of ancient civilisations resulting from a resurgence of ‘ancient memories and knowledge’, dramatic increases in number and severity of seismic activity including the Asian Tsunami of 2005, unprecedented Ice Cap changes, changing migratory patterns of birds, dolphins and whales (including beaching), multiple Earth ‘wobbles’, a need to recalibrate aeronautical maps for navigation as the magnetic North has changed, a decrease in the speed of rotation of the Earth and the orbit of the Moon around the Earth, and the Earth’s gravity field moving towards zero. These are discussed in detail in chapter 5 of Beyond Doorways if you are interested.

All these changes are part of the transition process the key is to heal ourselves from within. “As we heal our selves, so we heal our planet.”

The Adam Kadmon Body

The four astrological alignments - the Grand Cross, Grand Square, Star of David and Venus Transit (a ‘type’ of solar eclipse) - resonate all of the interdimensional energies necessary to weave through and create all new dimensions of the etheric/physical body and 22-strand DNA system. They will thereby support the creation of the New Anatomy known as the Adam Kadmon body, and on a parallel level the necessary dimensions of the androgynous physical manifestation, lightbody/Christbody and Consciousness to also come into physical manifestation.

The ‘elect’ or ‘ancient prophets’ predicted these ‘cosmic emanations’ that were to occur at the time of the ‘turn of the Millennium’. They also had an intuitive understanding of how these astrological phenomena would energetically support the re-creation process of the human body, consciousness and planet. Humanity could then ascend into and through the ‘Christ’ into the next dimension and eventually beyond, into the higher levels of consciousness and parallel realms, realities or kingdoms. As proclaimed in a verse within the Lords Prayer: ‘Thy kingdom come they will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven’.

Galactic Evolution

So at this time of transition from 1999-2012, we can see specific astrological alignments are both creating and energetically anchoring in the parallel fourth and fifth dimensions and new physical/lightbody system. This process is creating the necessary changes within our DNA and etheric/physical body to begin a whole new evolutionary process.

We are in the initial stages of anchoring in light so we can mineralise, crystallise and perfect the integration of our light or cosmic body. This will enable us to sustain our next level of existence within the fifth dimensional holographic world and reality that has already begun its creation within and around us. Over the next 1,000 years we will perfect the resurrection of the totality of the lightbody system thereby anchoring through and living more within the Christbody and Consciousness.

We are now embodying the spiritual/galactic aspects of the Higher Self on Earth.

In 2013 we officially enter the fifth dimension and galactic confederation. We will have anchored within us the resources and internal technology to create the changes within our body and consciousness to ascend with the planet into a higher dimension that is not so separated from other realities and worlds. It is from this higher fifth dimensional hologram, frequency and reality that we can and will begin to master our re-connection process and participate with the parallel worlds and realities that are part of the totality of our DNA.

A Prophesy Revealed

We cannot deny that events described in the literal translation of the ‘Book of Revelations’ are now beginning to manifest through the changes occurring within our physical body and the environment. However, more of the hidden messages and prophecies are also being ‘channelled’ through now by those guided to receive and proclaim them. The whole world can now hear the words and take heed of the ancient teachings encoded within the text itself as they see universal truth, being physically and spiritually revealed.

Sacred knowledge of humanity’s re-creation and ascension process has been subliminally preserved or protected within the biblical prophesy of the ‘Book of Revelations’ waiting to be deciphered at the appropriate time.

This information was to stay ‘hidden’ until the turn of the Millennium so Nature could be left alone to create within herself, a perfect and natural genetic engineering process to enable the body and planet to survive and achieve the global transition into the next dimension. Science and the rational mind would then be given an opportunity to understand the spiritual forces and laws sustained within the technology governing Nature herself - to support our environment and civilisation in the future.

The prophecy of the ‘Book of Revelations’ foretells that many Earth and cosmic changes will occur at this time, to support the re-creation process of a whole New World and reality. It explains why the physical body and Earth is changing and how the energetic technology is creating the changes. It also warns that if humanity does not take heed to consciously evolve with the world around them, they will suffer the consequences of war, famine, drought, disease, floods, extreme weather and Earth catastrophes such as earthquakes.

The massive energetic and geographical changes that are now taking place are energetically forcing and supporting humanity to awaken and evolve at a more rapid pace by living in sync with the laws that govern the universe.

We cannot change the course of this creation or the rapid evolution process that is now occurring - but can only consciously learn from and transform through it. Transformation and change are not only felt and obtained within the self, but also extend out into the planet and global consciousness as a whole. Every realisation felt or obtained and every action taken on a personal level, now creates a direct counter reaction from and within the Earth and Cosmos itself.

Universal Belief System

I have been told intuitively that more of humanity will come to listen, understand and learn as the proclamations of ‘Revelations’ are physically and spiritually revealed by Earth ‘channellers’ and the Divine intervention of the Earth changes.

Knowledge is power. Everybody will be given an opportunity to personally understand and eventually master the wisdom, technology and hidden forces and powers that exist within Nature and the universe. This will enable and also support the manifestation of a more universal belief system. All people within the world at large - from different races, religions, backgrounds and belief systems - will come to see the universal truth and obtain a universal belief system that will give them the internal know-how to heal, ascend and also live in a state of more freedom and manifestation.

As the world ascends into higher levels of frequency and consciousness, and we come to live more by the laws of Nature we will ultimately obtain the ability to self-heal and live in peace and prosperity as a more united nation on our planet. We will also come to live like those who exist within higher levels of consciousness sustained within parallel worlds and realities.

Transference Healing® is the energetic key to receiving the healing properties spoken of in the ‘Book of Revelations’ and it has become a channel for this universal ‘Christ’ healing process, now energetically filtering through to humanity and the planet.

What can we do to embrace this shift and ascend in harmony with our planet?

The key to mastering this time of transition is to lift our vibration so we can anchor or template through the necessary energies to create the necessary changes within and around ourselves, in accordance with the changes occurring within our dimension. Channelled procedures are given in chapter 6 of Beyond Doorways to enable you to ‘run energy’ on yourself to help you create the changes within the etheric and electromagnetic field of the body, so the physical body can create the necessary alchemical changes and ascend.

Remember by shifting your vibration you can be sure to find yourself in the ‘right place’ at any given moment. The Earth changes are creating the necessary energetic and alchemical changes within our body so that our body can adapt and ascend into a higher level of frequency and consciousness, as well as creating the necessary energetic and alchemical changes in the planet itself, so that it can create the right ecological and geographic environment that is in accordance with the new foundations of our new world.

I believe a lot of these Earth changes won’t be as catastrophic as predicted. These changes that are occurring in our world are an expression of the changes occurring in our body. All is in Divine order.

It is important that you are aware the procedures offered in Beyond Doorways chapter 6 and taught in the Beyond Doorways Workshops only hold a small aspect of the healing powers that the Transference modality can provide. So if you wish to master your wellness throughout our current ‘transition’ to the fifth dimension while continuing to awaken and grow as effectively as possible, I would recommend that in addition to running these procedures on yourself weekly, you either receive regular Transference Healings from a certified practitioner or empower yourself by becoming a self-healer through learning the Transference Healing Fundamental teachings. Either of these approaches will allow you to access the complete spectrum of Transference Healing® energies needed at this time. Follow your inner guidance as to determine which approach is the correct path for you.

Transference Healing® can become a central aspect of your ascension commitment as it is all about moving people from one place to another (thus the name). It is a healing of hope, light and love, enhancing a spiritual awakening and conscious connection through the Christ back to the God/ Goddess.