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The Citrine Crystal Cross Pendant - The Christ Ray - Divine Healing 7cm x 4cm

These Crystal Cross pendants weaves in the earth and cosmic crystal matrix to heal genetic DNA weakness, create the light body. When one wears these crystal pendents they are creating a continual Transference healing and…

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Channelled Predictions for 2011/2012 by Alexis Cartwright

Throughout 2011/2012 everyone and everything will be impacted through the direct absorption of the frequency changes occurring in the GGM.

2011 and 2012 are important years for humanity as we go through a necessary rebirth and assimilation process. Much has been downloading over the last couple of months for the content of this channelling, with huge emphasis placed on the frequency shifts currently occurring in the Global Grid Matrix (GGM) and existing ley lines, and the impact these shifts are having on our Earth, body and consciousness, NOW and to come throughout 2011 and 2012. It is these frequency shifts that are causing our current environmental disasters, such as the extreme weather changes, cyclones, volcanoes, flooding and earthquakes that Australia and other countries are experiencing. All of this devastation is testament to the power of the GGM and its impact on the Earth, as well as a reflection of the state of the foundations of matter itself.

We have reached the final frontier, the completion of the old world, and have begun the physical rebirth of the new world. This means that the body needs to make the alchemical changes necessary to shift with the Earth; which paves the way to understanding the emphasis on physical health matters that will occur in 2011/2012.

Everybody and everything is being impacted by the GGM at the moment, and will continue to be further impacted throughout 2011/2012. The electromagnetic effect of the GGM on the etheric body is impacting our DNA, our cellular and our subatomic systems, which in turn is forcing the alchemical changes needed within the body and consciousness for the infusion of higher frequencies, so that more light can be anchored within us and our reality.

Light is a more ethereal and refined form of matter. It is electromagnetic in nature and, although partially created by the frequency changes inherent in crystalline and stellar activity, it is stored within the electromagnetic field/template of the Earth and human body. This semi-conductor-like electromagnetic template or system, which is sustained within our dimension, Earth and the human body, exists within the GGM. The light frequencies that infiltrate matter and the human body via the GGM are subatomically filtered between cells, and participate in normal aspects of cellular growth and replication.

This electromagnetic template therefore detects physiological and energetic imbalances in our body by measuring electrical charges in the meridian system. It detects disturbances in the body at the etheric level as well as at the cellular level.  When working effectively it releases genetic codes and distortion, when it is activated in the body, and creates the cellular regeneration process for healing to occur.

Our electromagnetic field however is becoming increasingly affected by the elevated solar flare and cosmic ray activity occurring in the solar system, as well as the changes occurring in the grid lines within the Earth itself.

The increase in electromagnetic activity, and subsequent changes in corresponding systems, is activating a more rapid clearing process of genetic distortion from the DNA and human body, allowing healing to occur at a more rapid pace so that we can evolve (ascend) both in consciousness and being. 

These changes are being made on a cellular level within the very foundations of ALL matter. Within the human body these changes are creating an increase in Lightbody symptoms and the corresponding issues that come up around health. These Lightbody symptoms are the side effects of the clearing process and the alchemical changes occurring within the body and consciousness through the infusion of light, which is infiltrating all matter, so that matter can make the ethereal changes necessary to evolve.

Throughout 2011 everyone and everything will be impacted through the direct absorption of the frequency changes occurring in the GGM; which is responsible for retemplating and creating the foundations within ourselves, our reality and the Earth itself during our current rebirthing process into the 5th dimension.

We are no longer energetically templating and striving for ascension. We ARE in the process of rebirth and creating ascension. It is time for the assimilation of embodiment.

This process is vital in supporting the anchoring of the Lightbody which is an essential component of our newly evolved state of Being. 

I feel it is important for people to understand this process as it is part of our awakening, to ‘heal thyself’ on this level; which is supported by the teachings of Transference.  We must then learn, not only to work internally, but also to have the courage, faith and trust to surrender to the changes occurring within all aspects of ‘self’; the way you feel, think, act and do. 

It is only through surrender that there can truly be change, healing and transformation.

The frequencies resonating from the GGM all filter into our electromagnetic body through the technology of the upper chakras. These electromagnetic properties are then fed into the body and consciousness from the brain, central nervous system and down into the cellular level of the body. Because the grid has geometrically and energetically retemplated so much, the body is finding it difficult to assimilate these changes internally. This is why we need to focus even more on, and ground, connect and attune to, the GGM, to assist us in the assimilation process.

When we attune to the GGM correctly, our electromagnetic field/template also adjusts, and we then have the resources to create and assimilate cellular rejuvenation on a much more effective and rapid level. This attunement process also aids us by allowing the necessary structural alignment of our body to occur, reducing the manifestation of inflammation and arthritic-type pain, or simply any form of symptomatic pain, due to the reweaving process of the DNA. It also aids the neurological impulse responses, which affect the wellbeing and function of both the heart and brain, in addition to alleviating the genetic disposition of cancer cells, and possibly shrinking tumours.

By attuning to the GGM now, by committing to running the Transference Healing® procedures, which incorporate the technology and energetic nature of the GGM, on yourself and others who are experiencing the increase in Lightbody symptoms on the planet, you will support this process with the alchemical means through which Lightbody symptoms can be worked with and healed, and ascension can be embodied and attained.

This process, which we will all be impacted by this year, will be supported by the Mass Healing and Lightbody Activation presentations facilitated by myself throughout 2011.

To further assist our alignment to the Global Grid Matrix I have brought through the Daily Grid Attunement and the Crystal Cross Grid Attunement meditations below, which are fundamental gridding meditations and procedures.

Gridding enables us to:

  • Transmute
  • Remove Blockages
  • Enhance our vibration
  • Transform
  • Co-create
  • Expand into Oneness
  • Accelerate our awakening
  • Embrace feelings of harmony and unconditional love
  • Embody enlightenment

Those that run Transference healing sessions (Full TH sessions) are supporting their gridding process at this time.  Other smaller, less time consuming, but still very effective, procedures that are extremely useful at this time include:

  • Earth and Body Magnetic Grid Alignment (found in your Transference Practitioner's manual)
  • Beyond Doorways Level 1 procedures
  • Child of Light procedure

The following gridding meditations provide support to those that do not run the Transference Healing® procedures, or as an additional option for Transference Healing® graduates to work with.

Love & Light


This meditation only takes around 5 - 7 minutes, so it can be done at any time. You should utilise this meditation when you are feeling overwhelmed and need to release the pressure build up, which could be occurring either within your body or consciousness at this time.

1. To support the Grid Attunement Meditation, go into a state of inner stillness, clearing all thoughts and feelings. After a couple of minutes visualise crystalline frequencies and ley lines of light weaving in and around you. These lines engulf you and connect you with the Global Grid Matrix that encompasses both the Earth and Cosmos.  PAUSE

2. Breath into your Heart Chakra deeply and feel the waves of the unified cosmic forcefields of Light, which sustains the GGM, pulsating throughout your body, supporting every part of you. Bring in the dolphin spirit rays and sound frequencies to assist you in embracing the sacred flow of the grid.  PAUSE

3. Feel all the atoms and cells within your Being, absorbed by light as the light weaves through your body, shifting the vibration of your body and consciousness, dissolving all negative and painful emotions and thoughts into the light. Feel the light expanding out as you attune to the grid - in the NOW! Through this grid you see and feel yourself cocooned and becoming ONE with the Light - ALL THAT IS. PAUSE

4. In your mind's eye: say, "I activate from my heart a divine connection to the radiant white light of creation. 

5. "I centre and align myself to the healing and creative power of the Global Grid Matrix". 

6. "I become unified with the GGM's cosmic forcefields of light that pulsate throughout the Universe".

7. "I heal and reconnect to the light and to my starlight families of all galaxies, dimensions and worlds".

8. "Through grace, and with ease I harmonise and become ONE with the Universe". 

9. "Through the embodiment of light I become an indestructible pulsating force of Divine Light".

Finish the meditation with a Language of Light Voice seal: say, Ah Ye Ah Ha E


This meditation and procedure will take about 10 minutes. It can be done at any time if you are feeling Lightbody symptoms surfacing. It also supports your awakening process at this time.

The purpose of this meditation is to relax, still and merge, using the Earth's Sacred Geometry energy grids to expand your awareness to include all of creation, and surrender into a vast embrace of creation. On an alchemical level it is enabling a healing to occur within the body and consciousness through the weaving of light on a subatomic level, providing an opportunity to a resurrection into ascension for the attainment of enlightenment.

Gridding invariably takes you from a state of individuality to an experience of non-individualistic unity (oneness), where one dissolves into a greater experience.

This gridding meditation and procedure moves us from duality and polarity to unity (oneness and unconditional love).

Deep surrender occurs through the energies of this meditation, because you are taken out of the rational mind and ego and delivered into a more altered state of consciousness, while energetically integrating through the infinite grids, to enjoy a reconnection to infinite space and the birth of endless possibilities. As you heal and ascend over time, through the grid, into higher levels of consciousness and alternative realities, you are in effect reconnecting to the light and all that it provides. It is like your soul and consciousness if it were represented as a drop of water, returning effortlessly to the ocean, leaving only ripples of the integration event, and in doing so utilising and becoming ONE with all that is and participating in the healing process of CREATION.


1. Centre yourself by going into a state of inner stillness. As you do so, release any thoughts and feelings that emerge into the light. This will take a couple of minutes to complete.

2. Tune into your Heart Chakra. Feel nothing but unconditional love.  PAUSE

3. Feel no sense of limitation or boundaries. Feel yourself reaching beyond the borders of space and time.  PAUSE

4. Anchor in your Lightbody - connect to your Lightbody. Do this by sensing, seeing and feeling the light radiating out from every cell of your Being, out into your auric field so that you are not only cocooned in radiant white light, but are also radiating light out. You are EMBODYING the light and becoming ONE with it. This will take a couple of minutes to complete.

5. Feel nothing but love and light. Feel the vibration beginning to shift within and around you. Now feel, sense and see yourself suspended within the very centre of the universe - within matter and light.  PAUSE

6. Reinforce to yourself, "You are made of both matter and light. You are a Divine Being".  PAUSE

7. Start to feel and sense this alliance of Divine power as you attune to the GGM. To support this GGM alignment, breathe in deeply the waves of unified cosmic forcefields of Light. Ask to bring in the dolphin spirit rays and frequencies to assist you to become ONE with the GGM so that you can embrace its sacred flow.  PAUSE

8. See crystalline frequencies and ley lines of light manifesting, weaving in and around you, connecting you to the GGM that encompasses both the Earth and Cosmos. This will take a couple of minutes to complete. Now feel yourself suspended within this feeling of unified BLISS.


9. See, sense or feel the Crystal Cross coming through, crossing over at the Heart Chakra (as shown below).


The Crystal Cross procedure supports the integration of the elemental frequencies from the Earth into the etheric body. In doing so it delegates an alchemical healing process within the etheric/physical body so that you can self-heal, expand your consciousness, connect to your Higher Self and integrate your Lightbody; allowing you to ascend into your 5th dimensional Adam Kadmon body. Overall in energetically supports the divinely guided process of what needs to occur in the body in order to alchemically shift and integrate the Lightbody, so that you can ascend into the 5th dimensional frequencies at this critical time of global rebirth and ascension. This is a very DIVINE procedure.

Through the Crystal Cross procedure, you are now automatically connected to the RAY OF ALCHEMY AND HEALING, in connection with being attuned and realigned to the technology and frequency healing provided by the Christ Grid. 

While suspended within the alchemical healing vibrations of the Crystal Cross formation, complete the meditation with the following:

10. In your mind's eye: say, "I stand receptive and open to the Universe".

11. "I release all pain and that which no longer serves my highest good and greatest joy".

12. "In Grace, Metatron, balance my electromagnetic energies to Mother Gaia's perfect harmonic Christ Grid".

13. "I release all interference, disturbance, lower density or electromagnetic imbalances so that I can heal and ascend".

14. "I empower and harmonise my energetic fields and body to a state of radiance and perfect vibration of health and higher consciousness".  PAUSE

15. Feel the vibration beginning to shift and change around you as you begin to anchor back into your Earth star, while still remaining connected to the GGM. As you stabilise back into the Earth and Gaia, see a silver line of force coming down from the base of each foot, connecting down into your Earth Star (six inches below your feet).

16. In your mind's eye: say, "I heal, ascend and co-create my new 5th dimensional reality on Earth". 

17. "As I realign to my Divine Christ Self I embody the light and resonate with the creative force of the Universe. So it is done"


We see you in spiritual essence, the gifts of light that you behold within you. This is who you already are, and we are here to support your awakening and reconnection to your Divine Self. We are called upon when we sense that you wish to awaken more of your Divine Self on Earth. We are giving you the ancient, sacred technologies for you to build upon and create the New Age of Light, through your attunement to the GGM. This is what is required of you to reach the next level and frequency shift.

As you come back home, rebirthing yourself as a Child of Light, back into your bodies, and into the sacred heart through your Crystalline Awakening, stellar codes that are a part of your Divine blueprint will be restored, through the GGM, within your DNA. This process will activate ancient codes of Light within your DNA so that your Lightbody can once again form itself, as it used to be when you lived more within the heavenly realms of Light.

You can now restore and co-create, thereby rebirthing more of your Divine Self within your current reality and world. Your awakening is supported by the ancient knowledge and remembrance of all that you once were flooding back into your consciousness, and thereby once again manifesting as your Lightbody forms itself more at this time.

Anchor light into your body and consciousness through the GGM and you will be reborn.

You are supporting the co-creation of the New World. Now you can remember, awaken and fulfil your destiny. It is time to bring all that you are to Gaia, continue to receive and be open, manifest in the moment living the Golden Age - Heaven on Earth. We are all ONE and in Divine alliance with the cosmic heartbeat of CREATION. It is time to obtain true enlightenment.

NOTE: The Daily Grid Attunement Meditation and the Crystal Cross Grid Attunement Meditation & Procedure are not to be recorded or otherwise reproduced for public use.  The above meditations have been designed for personal use only.

© Alexis Cartwright 2011